Diesel Equipment Services

Skill Electric Generator Repair and Rewinding is well known since 29 (established in 2002) years for repair and calibration of diesel Fuel Injection products, Our services will help Meet the stringent emission norms of the future and our experience, Proven track record and market leading reputation is foundation for Our future growth plans.

Fuel Injector

  • Single-point or throttle body injection
  • Port or multipoint fuel injection
  • Sequential fuel injection
  • Direct injection

We are catering our services from injectors such as Electronic unit Injectors, Common Rail Injectors Etc.. And Manual/Electronic fuel Injection pumps of any make such as Bosch, Cummins, Caterpillar, Tata, Mitsubishi, Ashok Leyland, Nissan, Mercedes Actors and many More.

Our repairing and calibration will increase pressure capability and Improve timing control along with combustion optimization; it will meet The next level of emission norms.

Our Expertise

  • Qualified and regularly trained technicians
  • Specialized knowledge of all conventional Diesel systems
  • Servicing done for all industrial and marine fuel injection equipment
  • Multiple brand Technical Competence. {CAT/Cummins/Bosch/Stanadyne/Mico/Zexel/Nippo-Denso/CAV/Delphi/Lucas} etc
  • Workshop equipped with modern technology
  • The stock of all parts of the fuel injection system

Specialized Pump Tools

Our range of Fuel Injection Pump tools include a variety of flanges, brackets, lifter, pullers, pressure gauges, group tools boxes, turbo balancing tools, test injectors and nozzle testers.

  • Turbo Balancing Tools
  • Flange And Brackets
  • Nozzle Testers
  • Pressure Guages
  • Pullers And Lifters
  • Tool Boxes

Repair and calibration Services Offered

  • CommonrailfuelinjectionunitsCP1,CP2,CP3,CP4,CRI&CRIN
  • M, MW, A, P, ZWM In– line injection pumps
  • Pf single–plunger injection pumps
  • VE axial piston distributor injection pumps
  • UPS unit pump systems
  • UIS unit injector systems
  • UIS unit injector systems
  • Bosch EDC Pumps/ HEUI/ EUI Injectors
  • Repair of petrol injectors
  • Distributor-type injection pumps with mechanical and electrical governors
  • Leak test and opening pressure adjustment of all kinds of injectors