Skill Electric has been servicing motors in Abu Dhabi since 2002 and we’re proud to keep your businesses up and running. Our expert team has over 20 years of experience and versatility, working with motors in a variety of unique industries. No matter the type of pump or motor, we have the knowledge and experience to fix any issue and help you prevent future repairs with proper care and maintenance.

We’re proud to work with world-renowned brands like ABB, Hyundai, and many more, to provide the highest-quality parts and equipment to make sure the job is always done right.


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Motor rewinding is a prudent practice for ensuring your motor remains in its best running condition even after being in operation for years. Here are some of the best practices to improve your motor rewinding process.

While winding, insulation resistance needs to be maintained by making use of the same size wire area and the same mean length of turn. If enough spare space is available, you can increase the wire area so that there is less space between wires, leading to improved heat transfer capability with the reduction in air pockets.

Copper losses and winding temperature are both reduced, leading to increased efficiency and longer winding thermal life.

Diesel Equipment Services

Skill Electric Generator Repair and Rewinding is well known since 29 (established in 2002) years for repair and calibration of diesel Fuel Injection products, Our services will help Meet the stringent emission norms of the future and our experience, Proven track record and market leading reputation is foundation for Our future growth plans.